And there you were, at the corner table of the bar, watching. Maybe that was the writer in you, clinging to the outskirts, lurking in the shadows. And you watched me.

“If it is possible, let this cup be taken from me.”

You watched and you danced and you asked me to dance, but you never asked me into your life.

“Yet not as I will, but as you will.”

And yet how could you know that even your gaze was more than I could bear? Even just your presence enough to shatter me.

“Let this cup pass from me.”

And there I was undone by only the look in your eyes. And nothing in me is the same. Nothing in me can ever be the same. I am undone.

“My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

And there you are still, in the shadows, at that corner table, watching.

“Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth.”

Matthew 26
Psalm 22
1 Samuel 3



I wish I didn’t have to see
I wish I didn’t have to stay
But here I am alone again
As I watch you walk away

I loved you more
Than you could know
Did you love me more
Than you would show?

Was I a fool
To care at all?
Take a leap of faith
Only to fall?

Were we strangers
Walking side-by-side?
Or were we friends
In a wave of life’s tide?

I always cared more than I showed
But I waited for your call
And now you choose to walk away
So I will never speak at all

I only fear that all my love
Has gone to you in vain
And though it was my only goal
I have not eased your pain

Have all my tears been wasted
On a love we never knew?
And all my efforts thrown away
On the hope of healing you?

I find myself alone to cry
It’s just that. . .
I don’t want to say goodbye.


Will I forget
Since time has past?
Will I forget
Because I should?

Would your name fade
Into the past?
Would I forget you
If I could?

If I forgot
Would it be the same?
Would every song
or book, or film
Remind me of your name?

And would I write
Of something new?
And could I care,
If it weren’t you?

Would there be something
Left of me
If I tossed your memory
Into the sea?

For there are a thousands reasons why
I shouldn’t believe in you.
So, why do I find a thousand more
To prove why I still do?