I wish I didn’t have to see
I wish I didn’t have to stay
But here I am alone again
As I watch you walk away

I loved you more
Than you could know
Did you love me more
Than you would show?

Was I a fool
To care at all?
Take a leap of faith
Only to fall?

Were we strangers
Walking side-by-side?
Or were we friends
In a wave of life’s tide?

I always cared more than I showed
But I waited for your call
And now you choose to walk away
So I will never speak at all

I only fear that all my love
Has gone to you in vain
And though it was my only goal
I have not eased your pain

Have all my tears been wasted
On a love we never knew?
And all my efforts thrown away
On the hope of healing you?

I find myself alone to cry
It’s just that. . .
I don’t want to say goodbye.