S2 – Homework Relief

This assignment is to imagine someone reading the novella project.


Sophie turned a distracted eye over her math homework. She’d been putting it off that afternoon, doing her other homework first. Now she had to slave through it. Casting down her backpack on the bed, she pulled her chair up to her desk and opened her books. After a dismal half hour on proofs she closed the book with a sigh of relief. She could finally do what she’d wanted to do all day.


Going into the kitchen Sophie set the kettle to boil and picked out her favorite tea, a red velvet flavor from The Republic of Teas. She chose a tea cup and put the bag in it, with a half packet of Splenda. Since the tea already had a sweet flavor she didn’t care to overpower it. The kettle hummed quietly and she poured up the water.


Carrying her cup of tea into her room she walked over to the window seat and set the cup on the sill. Adjusting the two decorative pillows she sat down and curled up. After taking a sip of tea she picked up a book off the shelf in the window seat and opened it to the eighth chapter. All day long Sophie had wondered what Ella would say to Fredrick. She was bent on her accepting him. Fredrick was rich and good looking and Ella shouldn’t end up an old maid.


As Sophie turned through the pages she snorted. “Oh Ella! You are too good for own good! Don’t be so high and mighty!” Sophie kept reading, to spite her discomfort. After three more pages of agony Sophie jumped up from her seat and threw the book against the wall. Her redheaded temper had bested her will to treat the book with care. “Well! If she thinks she can just turn down someone who’s got it all because she thinks he isn’t good enough! Well! I don’t like her!” She stormed out of the room and forgot about her half drunk cup of tea.


After a few minutes she returned for her tea and warily spied the book crumpled on the floor by the wall. Since she’d borrowed it from a friend, she supposed it wouldn’t be nice to leave it there. So she picked it up and closed it neatly. As much as she tried to fight herself, she found that she was opening it back up and reading onward. She had long finished her cup of tea when she closed the book again. Her opinion of Ella now completely swung in the opposite direction. Sophie went off to dinner and felt a bit dazed, as anyone who has spent a considerable time reading a good book does upon finishing it.



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