NP2 – Novella Outline

Myra Frances Johnston

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Word Count: 423



Who will make your path strait?


1. Ella takes a new client who is “going out” for the first time into London society. This is a big challenge for Ella as she has never taken on such a prominent client.


2. Queen Victoria’s wedding takes place and Ella feels a constant pressure of comparison. She has worked at the dress shop longer than the other girls and has still not married.


3. As the season slows all the seamstresses have more time on their hands. Ella’s mother introduces a new suitor, Fredrick Davis. To spite her annoyance Ella spends some time getting to know this man who is the owner of a nearby textile mill.


4. While she is waiting to fit her customer Ella sees a very handsome gentleman enter the shop. For some reason he catches her eye.


5. Ella’s client, Juliet is 17 and nervous about going out. During the time they spend together over fittings and choosing dress designs the two of them become fast friends. Ella learns that the gentleman she fancied is this Juliet’s older brother.


6. Ella keeps meeting with the Fredrick. She has sensed from the start that there is something about his character that she dislikes, but she is completely unable to pinpoint this. He is in many other ways quite the man she has always been waiting for. She expects he will propose any day and is undecided as to what she should do.


7. While going through another fitting with Juliet Ella confesses her troublesome situation. Juliet urges her to follow her instincts and refuse Fredrick. But Ella’s mother is insistent that she take him.


8. Fredrick proposes and Ella delays her response. The following day she is going out to purchase fabric from her usual seller and runs into Sandy who usually runs the shop. To spite the fact that they rarely ever have time for more than a few words Sandy and Ella easily relate and feel a close kinship. Ella finds the time to tell Sandy what has transpired and asks his advice. 


9.  Ella turns down Fredrick on their next meeting. He looses his temper in public and becomes violent. Ella is terrified and has nowhere to turn, especially as the man was to escort her home himself. Juliet’s brother intervenes and takes Ella home.


10. Ella learns that Juliet’s brother has been in business dealings against Fredrick for quite some time. Fredrick has been dealing in unethical business for quite sometime. Juliet’s brother had been watching Ella because he feared for her safety.  




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