S2 – Homework Relief

This assignment is to imagine someone reading the novella project.


Sophie turned a distracted eye over her math homework. She’d been putting it off that afternoon, doing her other homework first. Now she had to slave through it. Casting down her backpack on the bed, she pulled her chair up to her desk and opened her books. After a dismal half hour on proofs she closed the book with a sigh of relief. She could finally do what she’d wanted to do all day.


Going into the kitchen Sophie set the kettle to boil and picked out her favorite tea, a red velvet flavor from The Republic of Teas. She chose a tea cup and put the bag in it, with a half packet of Splenda. Since the tea already had a sweet flavor she didn’t care to overpower it. The kettle hummed quietly and she poured up the water.


Carrying her cup of tea into her room she walked over to the window seat and set the cup on the sill. Adjusting the two decorative pillows she sat down and curled up. After taking a sip of tea she picked up a book off the shelf in the window seat and opened it to the eighth chapter. All day long Sophie had wondered what Ella would say to Fredrick. She was bent on her accepting him. Fredrick was rich and good looking and Ella shouldn’t end up an old maid.


As Sophie turned through the pages she snorted. “Oh Ella! You are too good for own good! Don’t be so high and mighty!” Sophie kept reading, to spite her discomfort. After three more pages of agony Sophie jumped up from her seat and threw the book against the wall. Her redheaded temper had bested her will to treat the book with care. “Well! If she thinks she can just turn down someone who’s got it all because she thinks he isn’t good enough! Well! I don’t like her!” She stormed out of the room and forgot about her half drunk cup of tea.


After a few minutes she returned for her tea and warily spied the book crumpled on the floor by the wall. Since she’d borrowed it from a friend, she supposed it wouldn’t be nice to leave it there. So she picked it up and closed it neatly. As much as she tried to fight herself, she found that she was opening it back up and reading onward. She had long finished her cup of tea when she closed the book again. Her opinion of Ella now completely swung in the opposite direction. Sophie went off to dinner and felt a bit dazed, as anyone who has spent a considerable time reading a good book does upon finishing it.



NP2 – Novella Outline

Myra Frances Johnston

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Word Count: 423



Who will make your path strait?


1. Ella takes a new client who is “going out” for the first time into London society. This is a big challenge for Ella as she has never taken on such a prominent client.


2. Queen Victoria’s wedding takes place and Ella feels a constant pressure of comparison. She has worked at the dress shop longer than the other girls and has still not married.


3. As the season slows all the seamstresses have more time on their hands. Ella’s mother introduces a new suitor, Fredrick Davis. To spite her annoyance Ella spends some time getting to know this man who is the owner of a nearby textile mill.


4. While she is waiting to fit her customer Ella sees a very handsome gentleman enter the shop. For some reason he catches her eye.


5. Ella’s client, Juliet is 17 and nervous about going out. During the time they spend together over fittings and choosing dress designs the two of them become fast friends. Ella learns that the gentleman she fancied is this Juliet’s older brother.


6. Ella keeps meeting with the Fredrick. She has sensed from the start that there is something about his character that she dislikes, but she is completely unable to pinpoint this. He is in many other ways quite the man she has always been waiting for. She expects he will propose any day and is undecided as to what she should do.


7. While going through another fitting with Juliet Ella confesses her troublesome situation. Juliet urges her to follow her instincts and refuse Fredrick. But Ella’s mother is insistent that she take him.


8. Fredrick proposes and Ella delays her response. The following day she is going out to purchase fabric from her usual seller and runs into Sandy who usually runs the shop. To spite the fact that they rarely ever have time for more than a few words Sandy and Ella easily relate and feel a close kinship. Ella finds the time to tell Sandy what has transpired and asks his advice. 


9.  Ella turns down Fredrick on their next meeting. He looses his temper in public and becomes violent. Ella is terrified and has nowhere to turn, especially as the man was to escort her home himself. Juliet’s brother intervenes and takes Ella home.


10. Ella learns that Juliet’s brother has been in business dealings against Fredrick for quite some time. Fredrick has been dealing in unethical business for quite sometime. Juliet’s brother had been watching Ella because he feared for her safety.  



NP1 – Story Analysis

Creative Writing

Story Analysis



Title: Who Will Make Your Path Strait?

Author: Myra Frances Johnston

Genre: Historical Novel

Audience: Young Adult




List the characters in the story and give a thorough description of each one. Consider physical, emotional, relational, social status, and occupational characteristics.


Ella Middleton is a young lady who is the same age as queen Victoria. The story takes place during Victoria’s early reign. Therefore Ella constantly battles with society comparing her to the queen. Ella is tall and slender, but very strong. She has long blond hair. She works a dressmaker living with her mother, a few cousins, and several other girls who work in the dress shop. Her father is deceased. Her mother has been attempting to have her married off to a wealthy man in the working class, hoping to raise their social status, but Ella would like to wait for true love, instead of marry a rich idiot. Ella is strong willed and independent. She always dresses well, and insists on doing things by herself. However, to spite her independence and refusal to marry the suitors her mother brings her, Ella is very lonely and is longing to find good friends, and true love.


Mrs. Jeannette Middleton is an older woman who is a widow. She has worked as a dressmaker her whole life, and is mostly in charge of selling products. She has arthritis, which keeps her from sewing, and she has passed the active part of the work to her daughter Ella. She is portly, but dresses well. She is a gossip and is driven to rise in society.


Sandy is a boy in the working class who sells cloth. He grew up working in a factory because his parents were very poor. They are now elderly and he sends any money he can spare to take care of their health. He is kind, cheerful, adventurous and outgoing. He is muscular but skinny and medium height. He has brown hair and blue eyes and is always smiling.


Juliet is a member of high cast society. Her father is in the house of Lords and the family has a large amount of money. She has three older brothers but no sisters. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. She is shy, gentle in spirit, and soft spoken.

Fredrick Davis is the owner of a cotton textile mill in London. He has met a good deal of success in his business and for a member of the working class, is rather wealthy. He is handsome, tall, strong, and well dressed. He has dark blue eyes and brown hair.



Point of View


Ella tells the story from first person, somewhat like journal entries. She is explaining her view of life, and the things she struggles with.





This story takes place in Victorian England during the early years of Victoria’s reign. Most of it takes place in the dress shop where Ella works, although she ventures out to other parts of London.



Plot Outline


This story is about Ella’s character developing through her young adult life. She fights to hold her moral standards in business and relationships. Through the course of business and social events she must learn when to rely on others and when to rely on herself.





Ella struggles against society, therefore, man vs. man, as well as with her mother in particular. She also struggles against her own will. Because her mother is not a wise woman, she must rely on herself and find someone else whom she can rely on. She therefore struggles within herself over pride. In the final confrontation she struggles with her suitor Fredrick.




Hold fast to your moral high ground and do not let the pressures of life and society cause you to cave in.


Persevere in your dreams and your calling. God will provide what is ultimately necessary.


Literary Devices


Foil: Queen Victoria, though never directly appearing in the story is constantly eluded to by Ella’s surrounding society. Because Ella and the queen are exactly the same age, they are constantly compared.


Conflict: Ella and her mother disagree over various forms of business, over moral standards such as gossiping, which Ella looks down on, and over choices for husbands.


Point of View: Ella is telling the whole story as her own memory as an expose on her character development through the course of these events.


Plot: This story will be a slow plot unfolding because it is seen from Ella’s eyes alone. She does not know where the story is going and is constantly wondering.











This story has been one that really touched me and helped me to sort through a lot of struggles in my own life. Ella has such a real character. It’s so helpful to read a story where the main character is actually deciding between right and wrong, talking about it, sorting through it, instead of just doing things that are always portrayed as right. This story is really inspiring to me to overcome petty things in society, and yet at the same time to not merely rely on self. It was also a really enjoyable trip into the past to imagine what it must have been like to live during Victoria’s reign.

CW 18 – Story Analysis of Beauty and The Beast

Title: Beauty and The Beast  

Author: Unknown      

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: All, commonly children





Belle is a young girl somewhere around the age of marriage. She lives with her father who loves her. She is always yearning for more than the life she is born into. She stands above everyone who lives around her in moral and character.


Father: Belle’s father is a member of the working class, sometimes a merchant. He is going through difficult financial times. He loves Belle very much. In versions told where Belle has siblings, Belle is his favorite child.


The beast is a cursed prince. He has always been wealthy and in his youth he was so spoiled by that wealth that he lost all the love in his heart. It is never known what happened to him for this to occur and his parents never appear in the story. He is in some versions still dealing with character struggles and in others already noble.


Gaston is a character in only some versions of the story. He is a foil to the character of a beast. He represents the true beast, the man whom the beast must defeat in order to love and be worthy of Belle. Gaston is the selfish spoiled man that the beast was in the beginning of the story.


Point of View


The story is often told from an outside perspective, though it generally follows the story line of Belle. A narrator tells a great deal of things until Belle enters the story and then generally follows her perspective alone until the story ends.




The story takes place in a medieval setting going between a village and castle.


Plot Outline


The story begins with a selfish prince who is cursed into the form of a beast for showing no love to a helpless old woman. To break the spell he must fall in love with someone and make her fall in love with him in return. When a traveling man spends the night at the castle he somehow falls under the wrath of the beast. His daughter comes searching for him and trades her captivity for his. The beast then spends all his time trying to woo the girl. He succeeds in winning her love but lets her go when she learns that her father is ill and on the point of death. While Belle is away something, generally the time running out for the curse to break, brings the beast to the point of death. Belle returns just as the beast is dying at which point she confesses her love to him and the spell is broken.





The story Beauty and the Beast is a mixture between man versus man and man versus self. The Beast is fighting himself and also fighting Gaston. Depending on the version they literally fight, or the Beast merely fights the version of himself which Gaston would otherwise portray. Belle is also clashing with the Beast and in a struggle against him. She is fighting for more, for something that she’s always dreamed of, and she blindly thinks that the beast is in the way.




The main theme of this story is that love is the ultimate redeemer. Love must love what is unlovable in order to make it lovable. The only true cure for any disease is love itself. Like in all fairy tales true love is the strongest magic of all, not only in stories, but in life itself.


Literary Devices


Allegory, Analogy, Plot, Point of View.




This story is one of the most beautiful and important stories in the world. God loved us before we were lovable. Our love cursed us into being beasts and His love redeemed us. We spend much of our lives fighting against our alter-egos and sometimes fighting with someone who is a foil of our character. Jesus will come for us and if we cannot love him we will die. He loves us first and through that love we are to love him. This story is a picture of the gospel in more relatable terms than merely a prince rescuing a princess and the whole world being freed.