JW13 – “Weddings, I love weddings! Drinks all around!”

Promt: Have you ever been in a wedding? What do you like about weddings? Tell about a special memory if you have one. Or what would you like for your wedding to be like some day?

I distinctly remember loving wedding from when I was a tiny tot. I had two of my cousins marry when I was five. To my delight I was chosen to be in both ceremonies as the flower girl.


For the first wedding my mom braided my hair in a crown around my head that was itchy. Back in the bride’s room before the wedding I was scratching it to the bride’s dismay. She told me that the maid of honor had hair spray that would help it stop itching. To this day I wonder what on earth she meant by that. Hairspray has nothing to do with itching. Maybe I’d made some of it fall down by scratching. In that wedding I had a basket full of rose petals. When I was sent down the aisle I was so nervous that I forgot to drop petals until I was a third of the way. I distinctly remember a man in a suit turning his head and staring at me. He was gigantic and that frightened me. I wished he hadn’t stared so intently, but I broke my gaze and decided to look straight down the isle instead of at people. I made it though, and I didn’t do anything embarrassing like falling flat on my face.


In the second wedding we had decorative foam balls covered with roses to carry. I was miffed and disappointed that I couldn’t scatter petals. After all, isn’t that the point of a flower girl? You are supposed to scatter petals so that the bride is walking on them? I thought it was very silly. We took so many pictures at that wedding that my cheeks ached. I didn’t want to smile one more time, but I had to. This time I got to stand at the front of the church during the whole wedding. I felt so proud of myself, but it was actually a much shorter charge to the couple than my first wedding. I have yet to be in another wedding, but I look forward to it excitedly. 


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