CW 13 – Night of Congratulations to a Blissful Match

Promt: Describe a wedding or party using no letter E in first person present tense. At first I hated the idea of this assignment but I think I’ve enjoyed it more than any other assignment so far! It turns out that paying so much attention to the words, and not being able to use words like, “the, these, he, she, and are” gives this whole piece a poetic sound. 


Pounding drums, brass, piano, and bass guitar of a jazz band throbs through this August night. Music drowns almost all thoughts. A glass of rum, or a gin and tonic pass about this crowd. I am thinking of Captain Jack Sparrow’s words, “Drinks all around,” as I drift through this joyous throng. I twirl a glass in my hand and sip its strong liquor. Dancing folks spin, crisscrossing again, and again. Within this throng our happy match joins at last. In wistful bliss our maid and groom triumph in a kiss. All surrounding this joyful union, visitors laugh and applaud.

A mountain of gifts spills from its nook. Rugs from China, books from Japan, dainty tins full of unknown cargo from Taiwan; all proposing flavors of Asia. Ivory, and gold wrappings shroud still additional contributions. Bags in shining colors sag with anonymous illustrious things. I look curiously about this stack, admiring its vast bulk. What could inhabit such a sack or box that I scan?

Austin grins my way from yards off. Quickly discarding my glass, I run toward him, taking his hand. His look warms my soul as his motion pulls us into a dancing throng. Dissolving in his scrutiny, I look down to cloak a blush. Our footfalls jump and spin, switching through forms and making us walk on air. Conducting my walk away from swamps of kith and kin, Austin calms us to a slow waltz far from carousing visitors.

An hour or two pass on that whimsical night, and at last all visitors conjoin to wish away our hosts. Austin still grasps my hand in his as both of us bid congratulations, and this throng disbands into a warm dawning.


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