JW 11 – Winning the Fight For Them

I’ve always been a natural at conversation. I would mingle among adults before I could even talk properly. Though I wasn’t trying to get attention, adults would all talk about me. I didn’t understand that most children were afraid of talking to adults. This seemed natural to me. As I grew older I became more reserved, but it took a long time before I came upon conversations that challenged me.


The first hard conversation I ever faced successfully was with my oldest sister. We’d been fighting on an off for months. Nothing we said did anything but hurt. I’d prayed about it, and been lazy over praying about it. I’d gossiped about it, and maturely not talked about it, all in varying phases. We were yelling through the house, in different rooms and different stories. I knew I had to stop what I was doing on the computer and just come face to face. If we were ever going to find peace I knew the key.


I had to win the fight for her before anything else could happen. So I talked to her about how her hurtful behavior all came from the fact that she was insecure. She didn’t need to put me down in order to be a good person. I tried as hard as I could to explain to her that she wasn’t incomplete.


She tearfully apologized and we reunited. To spite following years of head butting, that was the beginning of a mutual understanding. Now we stay up late together in deep conversation, and are closer than ever. 


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