JW 9 – A Backwards Glance

This assignment is to look back at this years writing and discuss it. 


For some reason this semester has found me tired. I used to write stories all the time, I was always finding some new yarn to spin. All though I once called them books, they were certainly children’s books, from a child’s perspective. I was always dreaming about wild adventures, riding horses, and sweeping cloaks. At fourteen I started my first big project, it was sort of a fantasy autobiography based on a dream I had set in Colonial Williamsburg. After some months of work on it, I lost momentum, and gave it a break. As I grew up, spent a good bit of deliberating and attempting to solidify the story in my mind, and matured through my own life, I realized it didn’t have what it would take to make a good book.

Then I met several characters. They were extremely complex with a number of difficult issues that I would have to solve. After creating all of their complex back stories and deciding that each one was responsible for breaking the other’s curses, I realized that I couldn’t figure out how to break those curses. My characters each were searching for and asking questions I didn’t have the answers for. I will certainly finish this story one day, but I let the story rest.

Since then I have written poems and various descriptions of people, but I have not found a great inspiration for a long project or story. I also know that I shouldn’t start another story, considering all the unfinished ones I already have.

I’ve been through lots of English classes that force me to write essays, arguing for some random topic that I struggle to care about. So I was really excited to start this class. I would finally just be able to break free.

What is it about inspiration? What is it about energy? I’m tired. I don’t know what it is about this year, but I haven’t been touched by the muse. I was during the summer. I did a few water colors. I’ve made lots of things. But I haven’t been inspired to write anything for some months. I generally write a poem every now and then, but even that hasn’t happened in a while. So, while I haven’t hated anything I’ve written so far, I haven’t really liked any of it either. It’s just forced and seems unnatural to me. Even this, a journal post, feels forced.

So I shall petition the muse for inspiration, and we shall see what will come of it.


4 thoughts on “JW 9 – A Backwards Glance

  1. YES!! i totally have felt the same way. only a couple of the assignments have really gotten my creative juices flowing. why is that?? i know i can write. i know you can write. of all classes this one would be the one to inspire us… it doesn’t make sense. but, take comfort–you’re not alone! although i’m not exactly sure how that’s comforting… 😛

  2. Be encouraged — you’ve had some shining moments. Trust that the goods are in there. They may just need more “teasing” out. I go through this personally as well. I have no idea how I would do in a class at this point in my life with so many rules and deadlines. Hopefully, it is better at this point. =)

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